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Shenzhen han technology co., LTD. Is a dedicated to industrial inkjet printer ink cartridges, industrial bar code printer, ink printing machine, such as product development, sales and service in one of the company. We can process variable data printing and electronic regulatory code printing business for customers.

Company's products involve sales HP logistics bar code single dedicated machines, bar code printers, labeling machine, oily ink printing machines, bar code detection and printing quality detection, HP series equipment and consumables such as ink cartridges, ink and paper printing machine maintenance renovation project, such as paper printing related equipment. The Rainbow series supplies sales mainly for HP industrial printing technology development, product model is complete, mature technology, stable quality, products directly from Europe and the United States original purchase, product quality to achieve original product standards, can replace each other with the original HP; The Rainbow ink has "near zero volatilization (ready to be switched on at any time), without plugging the sprinkler head and extending the life of the sprinkler head. Products are sold throughout the country and over 20 countries worldwide. "Quality stability, excellent service, reasonable price and timely delivery" are our long-term business objectives.

Our company agent products are widely used in all kinds of commercial and industrial purposes, including manufacturing, retail, printing industry, development of transportation industry, government, medical institutions and individual dealers, and so on. We have a rich experience and has a professional marketing team and a professional technical support to the program design of the panel for our clients to solve the problem of trouble all data and data management.